Query drafts, synopsis rewrites and now a new title??!!

Just when I thought I was polishing an almost final draft of my query letter, I decided to post it online for some free critiques.  I knew I’d receive lots of criticism – which I welcomed – but hadn’t thought that my title would be panned.  But I think everyone is right.  Just when I thought I was nearing the finish line to submission – bam!

So my title was Boys Will Be Boys – the history is that my lead character Eden Hayduke left the FBI to become an animal cruelty investigator with the ASPCA after the murder of her sister.  Her sister’s murderer was her husband who began torturing animals as a child but his parents brushed aside his acts saying “boys will be boys.”  Eden’s focus is to prevent another troubled teenager from evolving into a domestic abuser or worse a murderer.  There’s also a twist re: the gender of one of the masterminds of the crimes. 

Given the importance of the link between animal abuse and domestic and other abuse, I am trying out this new title –  drum roll please…..Evolution of Cruelty…Thoughts?