To clone or not to clone…NOT!

Although I can understand the deep longing to recreate a lost pet, I was so disturbed to read about South Korea’s dog cloning industry. For a mere $100,000 – yes one hundred thousand dollars – you too can have a genetic replica of your deceased dog. Just think how many homeless pets are euthanized every year around the globe. Just think of how many lives could be saved with $100,000.

To make matters worse, many of the surrogate mother dogs are sent off to be slaughtered for their meat after they give birth to the clone. Many cloned offspring also don’t make it, or are deformed, and “disposed of” until a suitable clone is created. Think the prospective pet buyers are informed of how many dogs are being sacrificed so that they can recreate their lost pet? Doubtful.

The bioethics of pet cloning seems fairly cut and dry. Maybe it should be allowed once we can honestly say our animal shelters are empty, there are no more unwanted pets, and every animal that needs a home has a loving forever home.

Until then, check out your local pet shelters. You’ll save a life and a whole lot of money!