Top 10 Reasons Chemo is like the 2016 Presidential Election 

This is almost too easy but as I sit waiting for my 9th chemo infusion it dawns on me how similar chemo is to politics.  So here goes nothing! Apologies in advance for offending anyone but no one is making you read so be forewarned 😀

10.  They both can, at times, make you physically ill!

9.  You never wake up and say “oh goody it’s chemo day!” Or “oh goody I hope to see more negative political ads today!”

8.  Each week goes by and you look at the calendar and realize you stlll have several weeks to go. It feels never ending!

7.  The level of toxicity in each grows day after day. 

6.  You know better than to discuss the details and how you really feel about each with most friends and family. 

5.  Neither is something you want your kids to observe firsthand. 

4.  You come back week after week  because you know what you’re doing is fighting something evil and harmful to your health. 

3.  Sometimes you want wonder if choosing one toxic poison to fight the other is worth the risks and can’t believe there aren’t any safer  or healthier options.

2.  There are experts on both sides who give you conflicting opinions about what you should do and which will save you, but it’s up to you and only you to make the final decisions.  

And last but not least….

1.  In the end you know a strong healthy woman will emerge as the winner and beat this thing!