Don’t judge a dog by its cover


This is Sadie.  She is a gorgeous pit bull who probably weighs close to 120 pounds.  When she’s not smiling she can look scary, and when she’s loose roaming the streets I know many people would shy away from her.  But not my 65 pound, 9 year old son.  (Excuse the parental pride here!)

As many know I’m a dog fanatic and I’ve passed that gene onto my children.  And this week Mack had his first “rescue”!  Woohoo!  He was upstairs playing when I heard him screaming “Mom! Mom!”  He does a good Stewie (Family Guy) impersonation so at first I ignored it.  Then he was louder running down the stars.  “There’s a loose dog outside we need to get him!”

We rush out the door, pushing my golden retriever out of the way, to see this large pit bull running through a neighbor’s lawn.  We live right by two busy streets so I’m always worried about loose dogs in our neighborhood.  And I have to admit the size and breed of the dog was daunting.  Mack ran inside and got the leash and I decided we’d approach from a distance to see how friendly or unfriendly the dog was.  All I had to do was whistle and say “hi sweetie” and Sadie’s demeanor changed drastically and she ran right up to us all smiles.  We clicked the leash on her, took the photo, uploaded it to our neighborhood website, and called the number on the tag (no address).

Nothing happened.  I texted the number on the tag.  No response.  We walked around the area asking people if they knew the dog.  Then Mack suggested we google the owner’s name (which I thought was silly) but it was the best idea because it gave us enough info to realize it was probably the boyfriend of a neighbor down the street.

We gave up our walk and put Sadie in our backyard and within minutes the boyfriend pulled up.  Owner and dog were reunited and Mack was so proud.  As soon as his brother and father came home he asked them if they’d “heard about his first rescue.”

And I’m proud that, although we were careful, we didn’t write off this dog because of her breed or her size.  And all it took was just to be kind to her and she was kind to us.  I won’t get too political (even though I am) but with all of the news recently I thought: wouldn’t it be nice if we could just all be kind to each other without judging?  Sadie is safe and sound and we didn’t walk away or judge her.  If only humans could do the same…

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