Luna’s Story

Sometimes we focus on the new shiny object, or the new baby, or puppy and unintentionally overshadow someone special.  I am guilty of that – mostly because my youngest pup Rudolph has given me so many things to blog about!  So today we hear Luna’s story.

School is out and so my boys are all about staying up late and sleeping on the couch.  Yes good parenting I know!  The other morning I woke up early to see my 10 year old snuggling with Luna.  This is such a rare occasion I tried to snap a photo, and apologize for the quality.  I was so touched to see his hand over her and her looking back at him, because I know she doesn’t always get equal attention.


After I lost Cato back in 2006, I wasn’t sure I’d want another Siberian husky.  But I slowly became (slightly) obsessed and would yell every time I saw a beautiful husky walking in our neighborhood.  Another year or so passed, and I realized I was ready for another dog.  And it had to be a husky.  I went on pet finder and saw a picture of Luna – then known as Lollipop.  I just about cried and thought that’s it.  I packed up my two toddlers and drove over two hours to go see her.  We were just going to look at her – yeah right – and of course we came home with her.  The night drive back was gorgeous with a full moon so we decided to name her Luna after the moon (and her white face also resembled a moon).

Luna was found in a Wal-Mart parking lot outside of Jackson, TN a few hours from Nashville.  No idea what happened to her but she was very thin, and not ready to share much when she came home.  Her tail appeared to have been broken; her back right hip was slightly weak from genetic problems or possible trauma. She fought several times with our older dog Solo – who also was a rescue – but we knew she just needed time. After Solo passed away, she got her day in the sun, but that time was limited because soon thereafter came Rudolph, a 6 week old Golden Retriever puppy who was ridiculously cute.

But Luna didn’t fight with Rudolph.  She embraced him, acting as his mother, cleaning his ears, and watching out for him.  DSC03386

She took on a new role, and it was obvious by this time that her estimated age was probably a little off.  We thought she was 2-3 years old when we got her but feel sure now she is much older.  Flash forward several years and Luna is a polite, sweet older lady. Her only flaw is her breath which, even after having 12 teeth pulled, is beyond death 🙂

Rudolph is 4 now and full of energy, and therefore gets more attention.  Luna is probably between 10-12, and starting to slip and slide a little, but always up for a walk. And a treat.

We are blessed to have Luna, and so when I saw Murphy snuggling with her, I made a new resolution to make sure we give her what she deserves.  We know her life was hard, and yes we have spoiled her over the years. But this old lady needs some more loving.

And we will make sure she gets it!

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