In a weird way, I should thank whoever abandoned my lovely Siberian husky Luna…

At times I can’t imagine how anyone could abandon a dog.  I’ve heard so many stories about dogs being left on the side of the interstate, dropped off at vets and never reclaimed, and of course brought into animal shelters.  I know many times there are good reasons, just like putting a child up for adoption.  But I’d always wonder how you could just leave an animal somewhere like a parking lot?  well that is what happened to my lovely Luna…

After Cato, my first Siberian husky, it took me a long time to think about another dog.  We still had Solo who was a stray that was bottle fed from birth after being rescued by some loyal animal lovers who were trying to capture his stray mother.  I was always drawn to the Siberian husky breed and realized I had become kind of a crazy husky person – yes even a guy at my local wine store called me the “husky lady” because I always asked about his husky who lived in our neighborhood.  You could say I was sort of obsessed… 

So after about 2 years I decided I was ready for another dog, and began looking for huskies.  To be honest, it was very difficult at first.  Even after I found Luna I experienced a definite high then low.  Because it wasn’t Cato.  I could never replace Cato.  But that wasn’t the point.

Someone left Luna, a beautiful husky female in a Wal-Mart parking lot outside of Jackson, TN, 2 hours from Nashville.  The shelter named her Lollipop because they just had run out of names after taking in so many dogs over the years.  Earlier tonight, as a friend marveled at Luna’s beauty and calm nature, I relayed her story.  I told her how the animal shelter found her, 10 pounds light then she is now, malnourished, and very skittish.  We weren’t even sure she would work out after we brought her home because she fought with Solo over food and attention – it was obvious she was used to scrounging for food and wasn’t sure where her next meal was coming from.  But as strange as this sounds – I should thank the person who left her.  Because the person who left her obviously would NEVER have provided her with the life she deserved. Maybe they couldn’t afford a dog, who knows, but thank God that shelters like the Carroll County Humane Society exist. 

It was a beautiful full moon the night we adopted Luna – January 24, 2008 – which is why we named her Luna.  So tonight as I gaze at another beautiful full moon, I thank whoever left Luna and all the other dogs who have found loving homes.  Our dogs all deserve better and now they’ve found it!  I just wish there was a home for each and every one of them…

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