Who knew my golden retriever had a thing for lavender soap???

  Ever since our golden retriever – Rudolph – was a puppy he has gotten into trouble.  Here he is pretending to be a human child sitting in my son’s booster seat.  He looks so innocent 🙂 Brief history of his problem:  At age 3 months he had an endoscopy for swallowing whole a hot pink rubber centipede that he found in my son’s room.  The problem is our doors do not shut well in this house so it is so hard to keep him away from things he shouldn’t chew, although believe me we try our best.  Now at age 2 he can push open any door in the house with his nose, including our glass shower door which swings in and out.  So he is never left alone in the house, but he somehow manages to slink away when we’re here and find something new, something unpredictable to chew on.

Last winter it was bike seats.  Yes, he ATE my boys’ bike seats while still on the bike.  Again, our fault, we left our bikes out under our porch during the winter since we don’t have a garage.  He and my Siberian husky enjoy our fenced in yard a lot while we’re at work or away since we can’t leave them in the house or he’ll chew something.  So now outside has to be kept free of toys as well.  Impossible to do with 5 and 7 year old boys! 

Fast forward to a few weeks ago.  I find my new bar of lavender soap on my bedroom floor with tooth marks.  No dog in sight.  Since it was brand new I just decided to wash it off and put it back in the shower.  Two days later it’s gone.  My husband thought I threw it away, but nope.  Later when we relayed this story to our friends over a few glasses of wine, Rudolph actually entered the family room and dropped a NEW bar of soap on the floor in front of us just as we were telling the story.  SO is he brilliant and knew what we were saying?!  He obviously was turning himself in.  Guess he wasn’t too afraid of receiving any punishment.  (He does sleep on our bed so may be a tad spoiled.)   

Then again this week the soap disappears AGAIN.  Ugh!  Checked in with vet and there is no harm to him – he has been unphased with absolutely no evidence of stomach upset or digestive issues.  Luckily we buy all natural soaps so there shouldn’t be too many chemicals in them. 

So my question of the day is – what type of soap will he find unappealing????!!!  And what’s the next item that I could never predict that he will chew???

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