How a Siberian husky and baby girl names inspired this mother of 2 boys…

Strange to think back on the first time I laid eyes on my Siberian husky Cato.  I was a second year law student, desperate to adopt my own dog.  Despite my parental warnings to not bring a long haired dog home for the summer, I saw an ad for a blue-eyed siberian husky.  Curious, I went to see it.  Of course, by the time I opened the door the deal was sealed.  Brutus as he was named, was a a six-week old husky, already potty trained and eating big dog food.  He went home with me and was renamed Cato – after the Pink Panther character who attacked Inspector Clouseau each time he came home.  That’s the greeting I would get and I loved it!

Fast forward several years.  My husband and I are starting to plan a family, searching for baby names.  One of my all time favorites was Eden.  Boy names were harder, but Eden was it for me.  While we were lucky to have two beautiful healthy babies – they were both boys.  So Eden never quite fit!  But the name meant so much to me. 

Once I started writing my novel, it made perfect sense that my protagonist would be Eden.  So I did give birth to an Eden after all! 🙂   

My hook combines two of my passions – animal advocacy issues, and quick, easy-to-read (some might say cheesy) mystery novels.   

Eden is not the average detective or coroner you find in a mystery/thriller.  She is so much more – an animal cruelty investigator who spends her time defending and protecting animals.  Which, of course, leads to the second part of the story.

The other missing link  – her dog.  It’s the only plot item I will never change – Eden MUST have and love a Siberian husky…

Funny how events in your life, separated by years, can later have such an impact.

One thought on “How a Siberian husky and baby girl names inspired this mother of 2 boys…

  1. I’m not a fiction writer and don’t know that I ever will be, but I always think that if I did write a novel the main character would, of course, be a dog lover. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.


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