Jumping off a cliff into a brave new world…

Cato in the park

Cato in the park

With this first post, I am officially a blogger and (no longer secret) author!  Very excited to join the community…

I was inspired to write my first creative (i.e. non-legal or political) piece after losing my beloved Cato back in 2005.  Cato was a Siberian husky and the most wonderful friend or pet I could imagine for over 14 years.  Now I am polishing my first novel, have started my second, and am trying to enter the brave new world of publishing.  Emphasis on TRYING.  My novel is a mystery/thriller but with an important underlying theme – exposing the horrors of animal cruelty and its common link to domestic abuse.  I’ll post excerpts in the future and welcome any and all feedback.

So here’s to you Cato, my first canine inspiration!

p.s. – Please excuse the bad quality of the images – I don’t have any digital photos of him 😦

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